Monthly Archives: November 2009

Here it is…..Kevin

Sooooo  for the last week and for the next couple of days, I am staying at the Deming’s pad….for those of you who don’t know, that is the youth pastor Kevin at TCC and his wonderful wife Becca, there two crazy kids…David and Micah, who by the way has the coolest middle name….should I say “Aaron” of course…and one grey cat named boots…..the greatest adventure so far here was our 2 day escapade of the gigantic CLUBHOUSE that we put together, during that time we had 2 separate injuries….and if you know me and my dealings with the cold…. my hands swelled up like sausages, it was stinkin’ cold one of the days….great fun though, can’t wait to build another one haha….


what a night……

What a great night of worship….with my new TCC family…..incredible testimony time..tear-filled baptisms…sharing in communion…and worship, oh how I love to worship…


We’ll as some of you know for the past couple of months my family and I have been on a pretty faith-filled journey as we were searching for another church to serve at, and we finally landed at this off-the-hook church in the beautiful state of North Carolina…Apex to be exact. We are going to be serving and ministering along side of some pretty incredible people….so our move begins wahooooo…keep it in prayer. we are going to be trying to document as much as possible as well as have some parties to celebrate…bbq carne asada, chicken asada, beans, rice, potato salad, and aunt debbies tea…I can taste it now. On a side note my demo is drawing near to a finish, this Tuesday, Rick Garvey “mr. atmosphere” himself and I are going in to do some shredding guitar parts as well as finish up my vocals. Hopefully we’ll get some pics posted of the day if Boog can make it out….so excited…so much to do….but like my pop eat an elephant one bite at a time