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what bothers me ???…..

How is it that have the ability, beyond any type of personality, to express ourselves outwardly….you know that heartfelt excitement…that we just can’t contain, at any venue…games,plays,movies,fights…the list goes on-and-on. You know I’m a Laker fan, by the way I dress, the fact that I know every stat possible, I act like I have a personal relationship with everyone on the team,….because I show you with every action that I love the Lakers. I shout, I yell, I clap and cheer, because I am a FAN…I LOVE THEM. But where is our response inside the 4 walls of the church across this wonderful country we live in. Why are we so dead when it comes to this…is it fear, is it embarrassment, is it tradition, is it lack of understanding, how many more excuses can we come up with…..sometimes it may even be out of just straight up being lazy…. Lets take advantage of the choice that we have been given, and respond to what is going on in our heart….and if there is nothing going on and we are not excited, then we better check ourselves…come on people we are called to be salt and light. Does our response to God through any aspect taste good, and open the eyes with the light of our God, to people that don’t know Him. I’m not saying act like a fool….but I can bet we could do a better job at showing others around us we are huge fans of GOD…come on and let that flame be intense


hey guys check out this video

we are trying to expand our thoughts on where, how, and why we worship…so this weekend we are going to show a video, in the middle of our worship set, and preform the music live …on this video, is one of Phil Wickham’s new tunes off his new album Heaven and Earth, it’s probably one of my new faves….I hope it rocks your thoughts and heart, like it did mine….Kevin you did an awesome job!!!! let me know what you think….

Haiti Relief video webversion

Day 2

So I’m late on this already….not because I forgot, but because I was struggling with how to write what is in my head. So here it is…today my worship back to God in one aspect is…family first….how can I show my family how to worship when I do not spend some quality time with them…worship is about relationship, how we relate to anything in life will ultimately show where we put value. Time is so, so  precious….where, how, and who with, are we spending that time? Are we so focused on accomplishments, material gain? I believe that the more time we spend with giving back to our family, we will have an overabundance of love to give out….think about it God calls us to be salt and light to the world, and the greatest way we can show that is through love….through that love we are in worship…it’s a reflection of the heart…..

365 of WORSHIP

So I struggled the last couple of nights with this concept….and even the title….but if I was shown anything this last year, the thing that is most prevalent in my mind is that Gods presence is so thick in times of adversity. To praise Him in the storms of my small every day troubles was not an easy task, let alone even giving thanks for those trials that seemed to rush in like the wind. But at the same time against my own thoughts the only thing that did seem reasonable, right, and pretty much the only thing that kept me from going insane, was to get down on my knees thank God for the air that I was breathing, and ask that he would bless me with one more day…to give an offering back. God continually loves on us, and wants to invade, infiltrate our lives with that love, and He waits……Psalms 118:5 says.. In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and he answered by setting me free…..I don’t think that the writer of this passage necessarily ment freedom from the physical per say as much a carrying the burden that we suffer in the flesh. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get in the way of what God is doing, and we just step aside we might just see the lead that He is trying to direct us in….so day one begins