Day 2

So I’m late on this already….not because I forgot, but because I was struggling with how to write what is in my head. So here it is…today my worship back to God in one aspect is…family first….how can I show my family how to worship when I do not spend some quality time with them…worship is about relationship, how we relate to anything in life will ultimately show where we put value. Time is so, so ¬†precious….where, how, and who with, are we spending that time? Are we so focused on accomplishments, material gain? I believe that the more time we spend with giving back to our family, we will have an overabundance of love to give out….think about it God calls us to be salt and light to the world, and the greatest way we can show that is through love….through that love we are in worship…it’s a reflection of the heart…..


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