what bothers me ???…..

How is it that have the ability, beyond any type of personality, to express ourselves outwardly….you know that heartfelt excitement…that we just can’t contain, at any venue…games,plays,movies,fights…the list goes on-and-on. You know I’m a Laker fan, by the way I dress, the fact that I know every stat possible, I act like I have a personal relationship with everyone on the team,….because I show you with every action that I love the Lakers. I shout, I yell, I clap and cheer, because I am a FAN…I LOVE THEM. But where is our response inside the 4 walls of the church across this wonderful country we live in. Why are we so dead when it comes to this…is it fear, is it embarrassment, is it tradition, is it lack of understanding, how many more excuses can we come up with…..sometimes it may even be out of just straight up being lazy…. Lets take advantage of the choice that we have been given, and respond to what is going on in our heart….and if there is nothing going on and we are not excited, then we better check ourselves…come on people we are called to be salt and light. Does our response to God through any aspect taste good, and open the eyes with the light of our God, to people that don’t know Him. I’m not saying act like a fool….but I can bet we could do a better job at showing others around us we are huge fans of GOD…come on and let that flame be intense


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