I read something….

The other day I was reading through Psalms 2, and there was a passage of it related to the word TRUST. One of the definitions it gave was to “role on”. I thought okay God show me what you mean. I started to see 3 images. 1. paint roller, 2.lint roller, 3.deoderant. Now I know your thinking I am a weirdo, but He being God went on to explain. The paint roller symbolized newness/freshness, to roll that on over us, knowing that His love cover an abundance of sin, we are new before Him. The second was that when we trust God He acts like a lint roller and runs across us getting rid of the junk that our sinful nature begins to collect. And 3 we can trust that He will cover our nasty odor of sin with his fragrance of love. I don’t know how that makes you feel but I am always blown away by the endless amount of examples God choses to share with me just to say “I love You”.


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One response to “I read something….

  • Mom

    I love the insight that God gives you. Great analogies..it is awesome that the simplest and everyday things can still bring such meaning that we can apply to our every day lives..Love you

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