So I have to throw this one in…..

I’d like to dedicate this one to all Fathers out there…First I’d like to thank my AWESOME wife for knocking it out of the park with an amazing dinner. I do not have any pictures but let me just set it up for you. After church we went home and had some lunch, and after lunch I was instructed to take a nap while Cristy took Jade and Destinie to there weekly adventures of Frisbee Football. 3 hours later I woke up to an incredible smell in the house that literally pulled me up off the couch. While I was sleeping in between picking up and dropping of those 2 girls Cristy had made an army sized bowl of pasta salad, and created the most scrumdeliumptious burgers a man could ever taste, topped with Guacamole, Cheese, Bacon, and Chipotle Ranch Dressing…my mouth is watering right now as I type this…thank you baby you are “de besst”

So those of you that know me I am surrounded by girls, (outside of my 2 bonehead dogs) I am the only male in the house.!.!.! At times this can be pretty challenging, especially when I just want to act like a guy, and men you know what I mean. But for father’s day Jade pulled this card out for me, and it just renewed my soul.

I know your thinking oh how cute, how sweet

well…….wait for it….

Jade you never cease to amaze me…, I love you!!!

I love my family so much thank you guys(girls)

This next pick is for my dad…happy Fathers day dude here is little taste of something we caught while you and mom were down..

UMM GOOD nothing like cat-fish and some pasta salad with a 50 cent apple pie


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2 responses to “So I have to throw this one in…..

  • Noelle

    hahah what a great card! totally busted up laughing at work! your wife is just amazing at everything she does…happy late fathers day brother!

  • Mom

    Hahahhaa…Dad says he is going to take the cat fish techniques you guys learned while we were there and use them at Mountain Lakes..he will send you pictures. Dad said your meal looks so good it made his mouth water…NICE job on the pasta salad ‘C’..That was the perfect card Jade..luv you and miss y’all :}

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