Monthly Archives: January 2011

Week Three

What a powerful last couple of weeks of searching and finding ourselves through Christ, as well as identifying fears and the lies that have been rolling around in our heads. As we push into week three we are going to be ending service with “All to You” which has kinda been our theme song throughout this journey. Please take some time and meditate on the words of this song, and let it be your prayer. God Bless you guys, and see you Sunday!!!!

You called me Lord You know my name

I’m standing now I’m not ashamed

I’ve searched and came up empty

This world has nothing for me You are my One and Only

I’m living my life for YouI’m giving ev’rything to You

Not holding back but ev’ry part I’m giving it all to You

You are the Lord of all I am I’ll never be the same again



The Story Behind the Song

Hey guys I thought you might enjoy this. This week we are doing a song called “Give Us Clean Hands” by Charlie Hall. This song has been around for a while but I found a brief excerpt on the story behind this song. Enjoy…  Click Here

Christmas Eve Service

For those of you who missed our Christmas Eve service here is some footage of it I will be getting some more up over the next week for you….enjoy

Album to Buy

Here is an album you need to buy if You just want to soak in God for a while

Jonathan David Helser – Walk Through Walls

Some songs to check out for this Coming Saturday

So church and whoever cares here are a few tunes to be on the lookout for our Night Of Worship this Saturday the 15th. Before you listen what I want you to do is get in a quiet place, go before God and ask of Him to prepare your heart, what is that next step in your walk with Him, what are the things in your life that you are complacent in, are you hungry, are you thirsty for more of Him. I pray right now for you who are reading this that there is a breakthrough in your life, you may be feeling like you are in a holding place right now, but I pray that you would break free from that. I pray that your worship would be consumed with thanksgiving and if you do not know what to be thankful for I pray that God would flood your heart with things. Consume us God, consume our hearts. God you know what is going on in our hearts and in our lives, You know all, and yet You are such a gentleman, standing , waiting, holding out your hand, saying come follow me as I lead you through the dance of this life……We are ready for change God, we embrace you, let us not over-think but let us have a worshipful heart just as David We love You…..


The Earth is Yours –

Set a Fire –