Some songs to check out for this Coming Saturday

So church and whoever cares here are a few tunes to be on the lookout for our Night Of Worship this Saturday the 15th. Before you listen what I want you to do is get in a quiet place, go before God and ask of Him to prepare your heart, what is that next step in your walk with Him, what are the things in your life that you are complacent in, are you hungry, are you thirsty for more of Him. I pray right now for you who are reading this that there is a breakthrough in your life, you may be feeling like you are in a holding place right now, but I pray that you would break free from that. I pray that your worship would be consumed with thanksgiving and if you do not know what to be thankful for I pray that God would flood your heart with things. Consume us God, consume our hearts. God you know what is going on in our hearts and in our lives, You know all, and yet You are such a gentleman, standing , waiting, holding out your hand, saying come follow me as I lead you through the dance of this life……We are ready for change God, we embrace you, let us not over-think but let us have a worshipful heart just as David We love You…..


The Earth is Yours –

Set a Fire –


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