Monthly Archives: February 2011

Let’s Dive Together

Let’s dive together…deep into the presence of God…How Wonderful the name of the King…How Amazing the Power of God….Make sure you come out this Saturday from 6-730 pm and worship with us. Bring a friend, bring your kids and let’s celebrate all that he has done. We are going to be doing some great songs, one that I am really excited about is a song called “Revelation Song” check it out when you get a chance. we’ll see you soon….


Off the Grid, but Im back

Sorry folks I have been out of the loop the last couple of weeks but here you go. We are doing the song “Follow You” by Leeland tomorrow. I had the privilege to see them a couple of months ago at David Crowders conference, and they blew me away. There was so much passion being poured out for the love of God off the stage, as well as the congregation. What an incredible song, as well as message. I found this story behind this song and wanted to share it with you. Click Here . Thank you Leeland for sharing this with us, and thank you Jesus for showing us how to live