Monthly Archives: November 2011

Into Glory…

Today as I write this listening to Kim Walker’s rendition of “How He Loves” I am reminded of my purpose… our purpose here on this blue and green rock we call home. I lost a good friend today, an amazing Father, an affectionate and passionate Husband, and a truly shinning example of Christ alive in someones life. You see Bruce Sanzari wasn’t just your ordinary show up on Sunday sit in a chair and see if church rubbed off of you kind of guy. He was truly on fire… I mean his smile lit up a room about as much as Hawaiian shirts did. His life inspired others. His hugs were a warm reminder from God that we are all loved. His compassion was immeasurable. And his kindness was something to behold. He understood who he was, and who God had called him to be…an amazing reflection of Christ. God I am somewhat jealous that he is with You now and not hangin out here with family and friends, but at the same time comforted in knowing that he is rejoicing in heaven just in awe of You…and excited that someday soon we will meet up again.    God thank you for bringing Bruce and his beautiful family into my life as well as my family.

see you in the front row soon buddy….singing loud and proud!!